Quartet history
Quartet History

When back in 1988 the teacher of the Republican school for gifted children named after A. Zhubanova, Dina Churenova, offered to four friends to play in a quartet, she even could not imagine that this team will grow into the most outstanding chamber ensemble of Kazakhstan. Assiduous rehearsals have started, they followed by first successes and fateful meeting. During education at the Conservatory, the team went to their first performances at the international level. Mrs. Gaziza Zhubanova took care of talented team since its school time, often came to the concerts and once sad to the director of the philharmonic, Ms. Mukhtar Uteuov, "Dear Mukhtar, keep this team structure. You will see, these guys will show the world the high level of our art." Today there is no wonder that the team is named after this great woman. The quartet received the state status, which is a great responsibility. An improvement is a natural process that led them to the competition of string quartets named after Shostakovich, where they were noticed by the titanium of quartet art, Valentin Berlinskiy. Kazakhstan Embassy asked him to give a master class. Having listened the game of Kazakhstanis, he said, «Guys, I see that your eyes are burning. You are not just fans of quartet music but fanatics. From that day you can always call me, if I am in Moscow, I will be giving free lessons for you.» Until the end of his life he took a patronage over «his Kazakhs,» as he put it. With such great master in alliance, the quartet began its triumphal march around the world. It was not easy to get a course from the member of "Hagen" quartet, Rainer Schmidt, which today is considered as one of the top quartets in the world. Rainer suggested them to go through the qualifying competition, «Come and take part in the competition, if you deserve, I'll take you, if there will be musicians better than you, then do not be offended.» The quartet said, "Give us a chance and we'll get this place." Gaining experience from the best schools in the world GSK quartet find their unique sound that strikes the hearts of true lovers of high quality quartet music.

Studies: 1990 — 1995 Kurmangazy conservatory, Almaty

1999 — 2004 studies with Professor V.Berlinsky (Borodin Quartet), Moscow

2004 — 2006 Escuela Superior de musica Reina Sofia, Madrid, R.Schmidt (Hagen Quartet)

Master classes: Kazakh Quartet participated in maser classes of the following ensembles:

Amadeus Quartet, Bartok Quartet, Smetana Quartet, Alban Berg Quartet, Yanagek Quartet, Mosaic Quartet, Hagen Quartet.

Prizes: 1993 — Sakharov prize, Moscow

1995 — 1st prize, International Chamber Music Competition "Golden Autumn", Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

1999 — 3rd prize, Shostakovich String Quartet International competition, Moscow

2001 — 3rd prize, Shostakovich String Quartet International competition, Moscow

— Grand Prix and the President's Cup, "Shabyt" International competition, Kazakhstan

— Grand Prix, "Rovere d'Oro" International competition , Italy, San Bartolomeo

— 2nd prize, Bellini International competition, Sicily, Italy

— Finalists of the International competition, Bordeaux, France

2004 — 2nd prize, Shostakovich String Quartet International Competition, Moscow

2005 — 2nd prize, String Quartet International competition, Osaka, Japan

— Diploma for the best ensemble of the Eskuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia, bestowed personally by the Queen of Spain

2010 — 2012 — The Kazakh Quartet studied by the JSC International program "Bolashak" in Switzerland, the city Basel, in an Academy of music and was taught by the professor Rainer Shmidt. Master of Arts, specialization of musical Performance, Chamber music.
Aidar Toktaliyev
First violin

"…first violin is like a middle-aged man, endowed with great intelligence and "

— Stendhal about string quartet.

First violin is considered as a distinctive feature of any quartet. His role can not be overestimated. Artist must be greater than just a lead singer, more than just a quartetist. 18 year old Aidar already was a bright star of the violin art and how a diamond was severely polished he took his honored place in the quartet. Starting to learn from outstanding teacher, Nina Patrusheva, who brought such great artists as Aiman Musakhodzhayeva, Gaukhar Murzabekova, Marat Bisengaliyev, Aidar eagerly absorbed the secrets of violin playing. There was not a concert hall where the bright sound of Aidar's violin would not hit the hearts of listeners. And nowadays, he is perhaps the most important reason to go to a concert once again. When Yernar Mynatayev first heard how Aidar plays, it immediately became clear for him that the guy is talented. It was decided that no one will give ready first violin and you have to sculpt it yourselves. Aidar found the work in the quartet more fascinating than studying in conservatories, despite the fact that Aidar graduated from the best conservatory in the country (Conservatory named after Kurmangazy). His tests were performances in the best concert halls, exams – listenings at the famous quartet competitions, where prizes and regalia have always been won with honor and dignity.

Now Aidar's career includes more than 12 years of successful performances as a Primarius of the State Quartet. Aidar plays on a unique instrument made by Italian master of XVII century from the State collection of unique instruments of Kazakhstan.
Alexey Lebedev
Second violin

We dare to refute great Stendahl's words and claim that there is no such a notion as the second violin. It is not an average voice, but a worthy opponent on the fullness of the sound to the brilliantly playing first violin. The brightness of the first violin, by the way, directly depends from the mastery of the second.In 2008, SSQ named after Zhubanova announced the competition for the vacant position of the second violin. The candidates from throughout the country and neighboring countries arrived in Almaty. Among them there was young and ambitious Alexey Lebedev just graduated from the Kazan State Conservatory named after N.G. Zhiganov. He immediately won the attention of the selection committee by his talent and zeal and later perfectly complemented the team. After years of hard teamwork, leader of the quartet – Yernar Myntayev – can confidently declare that they have "magnificent second violin". Alexey is very temperamental and bright. Alexey plays on a instrument made by Italian master of XVII century from the State collection of unique instruments of Kazakhstan.Contact Alexey.
Bekzat Sailaubaiuly

"As for the viola, it's cute, a bit talkative woman who is constantly striving to take part in the conversation. However, it brings into the conversation a known elegance and while she talks the other sides have a chance to have a rest. In this lady, however, we can notice a secret penchant for cello, which she apparently prefers to all other instruments."

— Stendhal about string quartet.

Viola is a unique instrument. Any quartetist will admit that it is a great success to have a good violist in a team. Bekzat have been raised in the best institutions of Kazakhstan such as Republican school for gifted youngsters named after Akhmet Zhubanov and Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy. In these institutuions Bekzat was taught by such great masters as Prof. Saule Zhusupova, the member of the 1st State String Quartet Valeriy Bagautdinov, the student of the founder of Kazakhstan school of viola Jacob Fudiman, Diana Makhmud.

As a leading violist of the conservatory, Bekzat has received the awards of a number of national and international competitions. Furthermore, as the concertmaster of the violas group, Bekzat has toured to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Seoul and Daegu. The great achievements of Bekzat in his professional field had attracted the attention of the head of the State Quartet, Yernar Myntaev. Later, a 3rd year student, Bekzat, received one of the most important offers is his entire career – to become a member of the State Quartet. However, the proposal came into effect only two years later, when he graduated from the Conservatory and received his diploma. The debut of new violist went January 27, 2015 in Almaty and was successfully met by the audience. Now, with Bekzat in the team, SSQ is launching a new milestone in its history. Bekzat plays on the artisan instrument (since 2007), made by special order by Almaty master Vladimir Kolotov.
Yernar Myntayev

In any sphere to find a good teacher is an element of fortune. Yernar Mynatyev in this sense is very lucky person. Since childhood, he gets into careful hands of great cellist – Sapil M. Zhakeyev, who have already raised the outstanding cellists of Kazakhstan.In the conservatory Yernar gained the secrets cello skills from the venerable cellist Jambul Baspayev. After receiving such thorough foundation, someone might calm down and become a humble soloist. However, this was not true for Yernar. He was addicted to the idea of the quartet and this determined his future. The fortune helped him once more presenting him an encounter with outstanding cellist, quartetist – Valentin Berlinskiy. The usual routine was replaced by fascinating life full of pleasant meeting, musical insights and his transformation into professional. Yernar did not give up his idea even when the group members had changed many times.
And now he has a flair for talented musicians who are now playing with him in the quartet. It was a great success that the team was trained by Rainer Schmidt – the most titled and demanded quartet teacher in the world. The more a man works, the more successful he becomes – Yernar proved this statement. Yernar carries the traditions of both cello and quartet art with dignity throughout his career. His teachers are still alive in every note and every work that the quartet presents to the audience. This is what determines the greatness of talented teachers, even if they leave their efforts continue to live in their students. Yernar plays on cello made by French master in XVIII century.